October 9, 2015

Family Law

Family Law Attorney | Divorce Attorney in the Redding, CA

What is Family Law?
Family law, or matrimonial law, is a field that handles family matters and domestic relations. These cases typically involve people related by blood or marriage, but family law can also be applicable to more distant relationships. Because the majority of family law cases are emotionally-charged, legal counsel is highly recommended to litigants.

Most family law cases are the result of marriage or romantic relationship termination. Clients can be assisted, by their family law attorney, in filing for separation or divorce, child custody and visitation, and alimony. Annulment may be sought by spouses who have only been married for a short amount of time, and same-sex couples may benefit from special rights. Family law cases also commonly deal with the division of property at a marriage’s end. Each state has a unique set of laws in place that govern property division during a divorce. An attorney, knowledgeable about this area of the law, can skillfully navigate these statutes, resulting in fair distribution of property and finances.

The prevention of physical and emotional abuse is also covered under the realm of family law. Domestic abuse is not only committed against children and members in a romantic relationship, but it is also committed against the elderly. Protection of the abused (whether child, elderly family member, partner in a dating relationship, or even a roommate) is of the utmost importance!  When charges of abuse have been brought to court, restraining orders will often be issued  to prevent further contact between parties.

An experienced lawyer helps tremendously in a contested, or challenged, family law case. An attorney can uncover hidden income or assets, present arguments in relation to child support and visitation, and bring the case to trial in the event that a settlement cannot be agreed upon. Even in cases where parties seem to agree, attorney representation is still just as essential. Without the help of a proficient lawyer, a person can be susceptible to unknowingly relinquishing critical legal rights.


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